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Those warm, effervescent, scintillating rays have suddenly pierced through those iron clad, fluffy constructions in the sky and we in London, nee the whole of the United Kingdom, have encountered our first true taste of summer… And it was good… Yes that is right people out there who make the effort to read this, could we be uttering those words which scar us so much… Could summer finally be here?? As I write this and the rain is pouring down onto the poorly constructed conservatory outside my window, and slowly but surely leaking through my window, I think I may have uttered these words too soon, but hey I like to live dangerously…

So after spending last weekend out in the sun and burning only slightly I then proceeded to fall ill with a stinking cold, which has meant I have spent the last 2 days in bed, in a cacoon of germs and dirty plates and bowls from a simple diet of toast and cereal… Bedsores may be on the horizon for me, but before that happens I feel it only proper to ramble on again about nothing really… The ulterior motive for all of this is to also type away until the sun creeps out from behind the grey blobs in the sky so I can at least feel half decent when I step outside of the house this afternoon…

So summer… That precious week we celebrate in England around this time of year. Its a ruital that includes badly cooked chipolatas on that 2 pound BBQ from the corner shop, embarrassing burn marks on random body parts, dehydration from too much alcohol being consumed in the park and a 99 from the lcoal ice cream van (which for some strange reason does not actually cost 99p) The key to surviving this week of joy is to make sure you look as good as you possibly can… I feel I achieved this goal by walking out of my door last week to be “papped” by a fashion writer who was doing a blog on summer denim (for anyone interested out there I was sporting denim shorts and 2-tone fly-away shirt…) Not only did this perk me up somewhat ahead of a day in the sun, but it is also the basis around what I will continue to write.

Trends in fashion are something that people the world over are employed to guess. Sometimes they do get it right – the whole military concept, which is still going strong at the moment, was a real coup and something many have copied in their own small way within their own small fashion wardrobe. I, myself ,am a sucker for a trend and will grab onto it with both hands if needed! But then these experts can get it completely wrong as well – shell suits anyone? Or just the whole decade of the 80’s…. Denim is always a safe bet to be an influence anywhere in the fashion world. It has suddenly become cool once again, and the very tricky look of pulling off the double denim look is a massive achievement. I do not mention it just because I have achieve said act, but there are other, more attractive, people out there who have also managed this feat. Playing safe is sometimes the safest thing to do in the fashion stakes. Some can argue that its the accessories, the hair and the face that can pull off any look successfully…

This summer is set to be a new era for the Romantics, mixed in with the nautical (Which has also been a major player these past few months). The floral is back with avengence and, from the very small exposure I have had into the fashion world, it is at the forefront of all the key fashion houses this season. Obviously the floral is a very feminine symbol and so far has been successfully pulled off by the likes of Florence and the Machine and countless A list stars of the small and big screen. But is it achievable for the men of the world. I was one of those blokes out there who was not keen on the concept of pink being in a mans wardrobe, but it is just one of those colours which you can either pull off, or you sink without a trace. I fell into the latter, unfortuantely. But the concept of the romantic era does not scare me, do not forget this does not mean that you need to dress top to toe in floral, a little dab here and there is all it takes. Added to this the glory of the pastal colours means that it is a very flexible definition. I am secretly tempted to purchase a new suit that incorporates a pair of shorts… But I fear work are not prepared for this concept, or my legs being flashed around the office…

Course this all means that to pull off said pastal colours the skin needs to be a darker colour, so I am sat here wondering what the sun is doing behing those clouds still??? It’s supposed to be summer now, I said it in my blog and everything! I need to get out there to top up this none existing tan, as well as scope out what is what in all those boutiques (formerly known as shopping holes) that London has to offer…

One last thing – It’s Olivia Newton John… Not Olivia Newton Jones as I said in my previous blog – Apologises Dame Olivia (Oh wait, she isn’t one of those yet…)


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