Summer Sunshine

So two offerings in a few short hours… Main fact being I have no idea when I could next be typing away with my ponderments… It could be next week, it could be next month… I don’t want to big myself up, but now for some reason I am busy… I think it has something to do with the sun, it makes people do more things and in turn empties the wallet faster then a money grabbing rich girl from the Hampshires… I love painting a vivid picture…

So how is it that Glastonbury has come and gone this year and yet again I have been unable to jump on that bandwagon?? I have friends who get in for free because they are part of a “marching” band – firstly I can march, second I can blow into the Kazoo device, or what ever you put in front of me… Third I’m sure I could look good in a band outfit… Bah! I have other friends who cheat their way in for free (not naming names) because they have “contacts” inside, and then I have friends who are organised and buy tickets… Do I look like that sort of person, I have blogs to ramble on?? Next year I tell thee, next year will be my year!! Next year! (Juts in case you had not got the idea) I even know someone who is so organised he has set up an event already for next years Glastonbury on Facebook. Take a bow Mr Pickard, but don’t let it go to your head… Now thats organisation I wish I had, I’d better remember that I clicked “attending” so October / November time when the tickets go on sale I better be organised, for once… Pressure… As compensation I did have Wimbledon but why o’ why do they always put all the great events on at the same time? Come on people, work it out, I can’t be everywhere at once!

Now to make up for the horrific time I have had for missing on the greatest festival the world has to offer, I have some solace by attending another great, but slightly more sophisticated and civilised festival in the hubburb of London itself. With Lovebox a few weeks away I am already preparing myself for three days of great music (we have the wonders of Dizzie, Mark Ronson, Rozy Music, Empire of the Sun, Grace Jones herself and many more to drool over) and the beauty of it all is that at the end of the day I get to go home to my own bed, have a shower in the morning and turn up looking slightly decent the next day… Its a posh mans festival, but if its worked for so many years, who am I to try to change it?? At least this way I will be able to experience some of the joys that only festivals and the chaos they can cause bring to the world. It is fitting, it was my first festival last year and if I’m not careful it could become a permanent fixture in my calender every year… Still worse things to have stapled in…

So last weekend was London Pride (No not the alcoholic beverage). One of those events you turn out for to cheer on the marchers, view the spectacles that await you around the corner (some good, some bad, some stomach churning) and basically have a good old time! The weather was perfect and in turn drinking lager from your friendly neighbourhood off licence on the streets of Soho was a course that was very tempting…. So tempting in fact that after 12 hours of doing said activity I managed to stumble back home and fall into a deep slumber. Only to do the same thing the next day, only difference being I changed lager for wine and the streets of Soho for my brothers flat as he cooked for me… Gawd love him!

To be fair over the last month of so, London has come alive. It could have something to do with the unseasonable weather – for  some strange reason in Birtain, during summer, we are actually getting sun for a good portion of the day, this is normally unheard of. But it has just confirmed what I love most about where I am at the moment, there is always something going on somewhere in this big city. You may feel like your one of millions, but there is always something out there for you to do and plenty of people out there for you to do it with. Saying that this weekend I’m Dublin bound to experience the joys of a stag do, its for my brother so a good time will be had by all, plus I feel safe in the knowledge that I can drink more them my brother can, so it should be fun!!! Two guesses what the next blog will be about!


~ by rugarvey on July 7, 2010.

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