Emerald City

As the black stuff settled in the pint glass in front of me and I took my first sip of the liquid gold that originates from the country a short jump away from good old Blighty and I slowly realised “I don’t like Guinness… So why am I drinking it?” Fair do’s I was in the emerald city of Dublin celebrating with my brother the fact that he was about to tie the knot and have a “ball and chain” for the rest of his life, but did that mean I had to drink Guinness??

No, it didn’t and in all honesty I actually didn’t… I stuck to cider (another great export from Ireland)… That first paragraph was in fact imagery, to get you in the mood, so you knew the topic of this latest ramble… Stick with me…

So my brothers stag in the great, but bizarrely small, city of Dublin. My god… My first visit to the city and I had no idea what to expect. I could spend hours moaning about the prices and the fact that every single one of us spent more money then we could afford… But anyone who knows me and who has spoken to me on that subject will have already had a ear full so I will leave it at that… But… My… God…! They know how to rack in the money do they not? So a weekend spent in Dublin, seeing all the sights the great city had to offer. Pub, after pub, after club, after pub, after Maccy D’s, after pub… Ok, so the sights were not seen that much. In our defence it was raining, which did not exactly make us want to go out and about, but as it was a stag weekend the emphasis was, and remained, on the alcohol intake and the possibility that the brother could get drunker then he had ever been in his whole life… which did happen… very nice…

Question for all of you out there who is bothered enough to answer… What is the dealio with the great spire centre stage on O’Connell Street? I get modern art, I love modern art, I enjoy turning the corner to be met with something so bizarre it makes you stop and go “huh” but sadly the spire went right over me… I loved the architecture and the statues around Dublin centre, but the spire ultimately became a meeting point with other stag members and a key direction point in walking home from the pub in the early hours of the morning… It was even suggested at one point the lights at the top of the thing spelt something out… But other than “Move out of the way, there’s a great big spike in the way” – directed to passing airplanes – why would they put a message on the top of a great big spire…

Not only was I bemused by some of the architecture of the city, I was also greeted by some of the nicest people… True they are Irish… but appearances can be deceiving. The taxi driver down to the city… I soon realised that the most popular word in Dublin began with F and sounded a lot like duck… I also realised that they had no problem giving a life story in the space of 5 minutes… I won’t go into details, but missing people, police searches and rivers were involved… But the taxi driver did give us a very important piece of information and we drove down… Do not throw people into the Liffey… It’s quite shallow (apparently)… Now I’ll be honest with you my thoughts of the weekend did not involved throwing my brother (the stag) into the river, but as soon as he said it… I wondered…

So where can we go from here? I can’t go into precise details for the weekend as the brain is a little blurry on the details, bar missing people, missing cameras, extortionate prices at the bar and a very nice German couple I think it was the standard kind of weekend, just in Dublin… Needless to say I slept for most of Monday, nodding off in the afternoon like an old man… Now all remains is the wedding itself, a day in September where I expect more alcohol to be consumed and more stories to be told… The brother will be on best behaviour that day, but as I attempt to build on my reputation as the family drunk I shall be propping up the bar, until of course classics by The Nolan Sisters, Robbie Williams and S Club 7 come on… Then I’ll be on the dance floor in a flash…


~ by rugarvey on July 15, 2010.

One Response to “Emerald City”

  1. Ball and chain?! Don’t forget you promised me a stripper…

    Your sis-in-law to be xx

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