Have a little Grace

So another year and another Lovebox has been had. This time a 3 day extravaganza that has left me a shell of a man and my liver in dire need of a holiday… Soon my precious, soon… And then we can start all over again! So where to start? Firstly I made it through 3 days of “dress-offs” with a dear friend of mine, forget about the music, it was all about looking cool (or as cool as is possible in my case) I personally feel I won the exposure of the chest on the final day, so any eyesbeing turned could have been out of disgust more then anything else. Of course as this is me I am always totally oblivious tothe whole concept of eye turning and am only told second hand when I have a beer in hand, which I fele is the best course, too much hassle being on the look out all the time. Thankfully I remain intact, with minimal damage, bar a big bruise on the shin from having far too much fun on the dodge-ems, and a little sun burn after stupidly going out in the midday sun with no protection, but I can gladly say that there were quite a few out there who had sun burn that madde my usually pasty white skin almost look ghost like!

So, as I type this away while all my friends and family are hard at work on this monday morning (don’t hate me too much) I need to reflect on what quite frankly have been 3 days of pure, unadulterated fun. Personal highlights I hear you cry? (That and  – go away Rupes, you rambling idiot) Well firstly jumping up and down to Dizzee Rascal on Friday was amazing! I was knackered after that! Ellie Goulding knows how to put on a show, though she didn’t do my favourite song (which I personally requested) so she goes down in my estimations. Empire of the Sun on Saturday were quite frankly out of the world, again a little bit of jumping was had then. Mr Mark Ronson being joined on stage by Duran Duran also another highlight (just repaying the favour from last year) The headliners on Saturday, Roxy Music, I have been reliably told were quite good, but frankly my mind is a little blurry of the latter stages of that day, so the least said about that the better… Sunday was all about Grace Jones in the evening. By this point I was feeling a little weary and even had to have a bottle of water or two as we continued to knock back the cider and the vodka jellies (I don’t care what any of you out there say, I am one classy dude) But even still as the sun was beating down on us we were still able to enjoy Hurts, Hot Chip, Chromeo and the spectacle that is Grace Jones. A lady which I find hard to actually describe… She has her own style, standing and perhaps a following that no other act out there has. She put on a show and a half and I have to say I looked every single one of her hats! I may not know her music that well, but she can come and sing at mine any time she likes. 

So as I made my way back to my bed, a journey which for some reason took nearly 2 hours, I was firstly sad that the 3 days had gone by in a flash, but overjoyed that I was able to sleep today and recover. So what happens? I’m awake at 8 o’clock in the morning… Where is the justice? I’ve worked hard these pass couple of weeks… Entertaining my brother in Dublin for his stag and then dancing like a fool in some park… So to make up for the early awakening I clean and then type randomly away on my laptop…

Where to now then? The Garvey clan appears to be taking over London next weekend (so another fun time to be had) and then shortly, and finally, a welcomed break from work and the busy London life, for a more sedate, peaceful time in the heartland of France. Good food, good wine, good weather… What could possibly be worng with that? But I sign off with one final thought… What happens in Lovebox, stays in Lovebox…


~ by rugarvey on July 19, 2010.

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