Past times

One night, sitting in a fashionable spanish bar in the hub of Kings Cross a conversation topic began that unavoidably started the cogs moving in this old head of mine… The alcohol already consumed meant that the cogs were moving at a slower pace then normal… But they made me think anyway… What do you (just to confirm I was talking to myself at this point) actually do to past the time? Do you actually have any hobbies, any past times, any interests that actually make you interesting? Now this is not a cry out for people to come back to me to say how great I am, I already know that… But other then drinking far too much and spending even more on not a lot I started to think “what do you do?”

Yes there is my unhealthly obsession with music and film, the odd festival here and there, the occasional (which somehow are also quite regular) shopping trip and then there is this little blog type thing o’ mine, which I’d like to think is slowly but surely getting better over time, like a good wine… But what else? My desire to paint has slowly ebbed out of me. My parents have not been able to add any more of my art work onto the walls of our family home, since the university days. I’d also like to point out that that art work is not particularly good, I just think they took pity on me! The desire to play sport has long since gone. I blame my laziness at school and my hatred of being forced to play sport when I really did not want to. The summer term was good as we had athletics, which I was good at (I could run fast and jump afar) and rounders, which was always a good “team” sport. But since then the desire has changed from partaking in sport to viewing it. I’m first in queue for the tennis and even partake is drunkenly watching team RNIB play softball, but the thought of actually playing does not appeal. The girls actually managed to get me to throw a few balls this week as there was no one else to practice with… I got a few good comments, but I just looked wierd standing there, in a suit (a lovely lilac shirt and tie combo btw) beer can in one hand and throwing a ball in the other. I did not put that beer can down once, either I would let the ball drop in front of me or I would do a cack-handed attempt to catch it with my free hand… Good times. I was much more comfortable, shouting from the side lines, as I watch a heated duel between the two top teams and we came out on top! Team RNIB!

So yes… After hearing stories of people doing wierd and wonderful evening classes (just so you know we are back to the inital conversation held in that spanish bar) of clay sculpture, irish drumming, gym classes and language wonderment I was sat there going “huh” My brother is relearning the piano, I’m still waiting for the first recital, but that could be any day now, I have friends playing kazzoos for pleasure,  others running, jumping and climbing trees in an attempt to join the army, some are even trying to reproduce (buts that a conversation for another time)

But then it struck me, like a sharp clip around the ear a mother gives to a child who starts whailing in a supermarket because they were not allowed that kellogg’s variey pack they have alwasy wanted… (Wow that’s going to come up at therapy) I do have a past time… This thing here… God love this… In all truthfulness I blame my career for not allowing me to spread my wings… My head is so full of HR related jargon and shanannigans at the end of the day all I want to do is walk that 3.5 miles home, (another, lsightly dull past time – walking) have a quick meal and then bed… I may stop off at a pub en route for a cheeky pint or 5, but hey at the moment I’m loving it at the moment so I cannot complain… Much… In all truthfulness I have actually put fingers to keyboard since and I have started rambling in an orderly fashion a musing I have had spinning around in my head for a short while, and while this is all early days who knows I may get the hang of this writing malarky and actually make a go of it… Big things could be on the horizion and while I have 2 weeks of sun to look forward to momentarily this may be something I actually stick with. It could be my AA alternative… Those meetings are always depressing anyway!


~ by rugarvey on August 1, 2010.

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