Sweet Charity

Do not worry, I’m not going to start talking about some West End musical on this dark, wet, night in London (anyone have any idea where the sun went to this summer?) I am now one of those people who lives in London and loves to walk past all the fantastic shows going on down West End way but sadly be to poor to actually afford to get even one leg into the show (fair enough the legs are quite long, but still…) No I felt it only proper to big up the endeavours of one of my friends who put on a show and dance down her local at the weekend to raise money for the charity we work for. This is something none of us at work have even attempted to do and then low and behold Candy rocks up and puts us all to shame in a matter of months and puts on a day to raise fund for RNIB… Cheers Candy, putting us all to shame… The preperation, the games, the coordination of the whole day (I’m getting a headache just thinking about it)

Now I’m not one to complain, she put on a great night, she had the support around her throughout the day and drank like a fish in the evening just to relax… SHOTS!! I can still hear her cry…. Of the cranberry variety of course, this is Crayford… So what was meant to be an evening of moral support, a sensibel amount of drinking and then cheering in the end of a successful day of raising a few coppers for charity turned into a last train missed and then 4 slightly drunken people kipping on the sofa in the small wee hours of the day… Cracking. To then wake up and realise I was going over to the brothers for luncheon and I had to travel back into town and make myself look respectable (it may only be the brother, but you still need to put a toothbrush in the mouth and a comb through the hair – do not get those two mixed up by the way) It was a slight struggle I can tell you. But then two bottles of wine later I was feeling right as rain… Hair of the dog… It never fairs…

So a success all round then. Not only did we have a good dance (cracking tunes by the way) and a drink or 3, but we also raised money for a few people out there… Jobs a gd’un… Candy (imagine me looking directly at you, with a sincere look on my face – strange I know but just imagine it for a second) You did a great job, I know the counting is still going on, but whatever you have raised you should be incredibly proud of yourself, Rupes hugs all round I feel….

So I’m conscious that these blogs can be quite random, theres no constant theme running throughout the entries (Just look at the complete change of topic just there), no pattern, no set length… You could in fact say that they are actually quite rambley… Which is the point (hence the name of the blog) To this end and to please what small demographic read these things, I will endeavour to create a constant theme throughout these entries next time around but sadly at the moment the bed is strewn with clothes, theres washing that still needs drying and the passport has been misplaced… It is here somewhere, I had it in my hand half an hour ago… Yes thats right, this can mean only one thing… The summer holidays are upon us… I won’t go on about it too much (as I feel I may have bored certain people to death of it recently)  but needless to say, good food, good wine, good weather here I come (I hope) I shall burn in the first half hour and then go back to the pasty white skin I have the following half hour… Good times… All I can truely say to close this entry is… Grande.


~ by rugarvey on August 10, 2010.

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