Musical Yarn

Now I have always been one of those people who likes to think they can survive on very little but when my ipod stopped working (for some unknown reason – but rest assured apple, following a quick trip to the store it was back to it’s old self imediately) it was clear that music was not one of those things. Literally, a quick trip round the corner for a pint of milk means I need my ipod plugged in so I can manage the trek. It has even got to the point that I pass friends, housemates, even family on the street and will not bat an eyelid… because I am plugged into my music… So for something I love so dearly, I should have something to say about it, no? Praising the Lord for London living, I have been able to attend a gig or tow this year. I have a number of friends who introduce me to “up and comings” every now and then – some good, some not so good. I’d like to think I have some musical taste, even when I have been told I do not. I range from dancing around like a fool to a bit of Lady Gaga and The Saturdays to going all indie with the likes of Vampire Weekend and The Killers. You could say my tastes are somewhat varied…

The one thing I love about this fact is that I seem to be able to appreciate everything out there (within reason) and I say hadn on heart that some of the best acts have come out in the past year or so. We have the wonder that is Florence and the Machine leading the way, who can do no wrong in my eyes. Her hair gets more red every day, her voice gets louder and longer every second and I love her for that. Rightly so she has been recognised as one of the great new things to have come out of this country for a while (musically, that is). Following in her footsteps this year has been a girl called Marina, who has a lot of diamonds on her, rather then some machinery. I was fortunate enough to see her play one of her first gigs in London and I was blown away by her. She has the character and confidence that all new music acts need to get noticed. Her voice is beautiful and, most importantly, she knows how to put on a show. On a hot summers eve, we crammed into a small school hall (ok it wasn’t actually a scholl hall, but it had that sort of feel) and for an hour she hit all the notes and sung her heart out. She was A-MAZ-ING. So far she does not seemed to have got the recognition that she deserves but, like Florence, her fanbase grows every day and she will soon have people eating out of her hands.

One band who I had heard good things about a few months back were a northern act called Hurts. A quick itunes search brought up a couple of tracks, but their album was a few months away from release (it now stands at a few weeks). They were one of the acts I saw on a sunday afternoon, in Victoria Park, still recovering from 2 alcohol infused days before. And they were able to get my foot tapping and make me feel once more awake and ready to go for the rest of the day. They hark back to 80’s rock-pop, but do so in a way which makes it fresh and new once more. We all know that every type of music has now been done, so current acts seem to be returning to the old stuff for inspiration, but Hurts were able to make it something new and unheard of. These are the things that I enjoy the most about finding new music. Yes, some may not be commerically viable, they may have one album and then disappear. But it’s what ‘s they make you feel at the time thats important. Music that gets stuck in your head immediately. Music that somehow speaks to you. Music that you can hear again and again and still not get bored of. I will be there at a Hurts gig in the not too distant future, enjoying every single second of their act. These are the type of acts to get excited for, the new people who are slowly but surely finding a fanbase and have worked flipping hard to get where they are. This is why I appreciate them ten times more then acts that fall out of X Factor and shows of the same ilk. Don’t get me wrong they merit mentioning for some of the acts and I still get sucked into the drama of it all, but some acts then receive recognition for purely exisiting and not creating anything new and exciting. Acts, such as Florence, Marina and Hurts deserve our recognition because they have grown. Your music needs your support and one thing the Brits love is it’s music… No wonder we produce some of the best out there.


~ by rugarvey on August 29, 2010.

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