Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong

Three weeks  ago my brother committed himself to one person for the rest of his life. He committed himself to holding the same girl’s hand, kissing the same girl’s cheek, complimenting the same girl’s hair, clothes… I’m wondering if he is a little nervous now? Or is he still gushing with love for that gal of his?! On September 11th Michelle Keyte (now Garvey) walking down the aisle wearing a stunning dress and a beaming smile and confirmed that she would marry my brother and finally take control of his life! On a morning of grey clouds and the spit-spot of rain, the sun managed to break through for the occasion and after the business of the day was done at 12:30pm, drink and food were consumed at high amounts and some rather dodgy moves were displayed on the dance floor.

So what can I say about the day? Well for starters I looked amazing in the suit… (Do not forget, this is my blog, about my life – friends and family get passing mentions) Who would have thought pink (for the suit) would suit me? Fair dos there were a number of comments on the Morrisey hairdo and the ginger beard, but the ability to tune people out in my mind at the drop of a hat and to consume too much alcohol meant I was able to take it in my stride. But enough about me! After all the day belonged to Tim and Chelle. Now I’m not sure how Chelle started her day, but my dear brother started it by forgetting his speech (very important) and the ribbons for the car (can live without). To settle his nerves he had a pint of bitter before midday (I was on the whiskey) and then managed to get through the vows without a slip – even with me sitting 2 foot away from him pulling faces… Chelle – you have one hell of a man! If I have dropped my brother in it now all I can say is… What are little brothers for???

Now weddings can be infamous for stressing out all members of the family but also bringing together long lost cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents for a very few short hours. Thankfully through careful planning and exceptional timing skills Tim and Chelle were able to keep all of those involved occupied enough so the day went by without a hitch… I don’t want to mention the fiasco that was the ordering of the suits for the groomsmen – Burtons, you have a lot of making up to do – but like everything English, it all came together in the end.

So what happened afterwards? Well after dancing to the last song – Buddy Holly “American Pie” I believe… The Garvey clan, all still standing at the end of the night, staggered to the hotel and slept until it was kicking out time… The happy couple made their way to some island around the world… Don’t ask me which one… Half rainforest, half volcano – sounds very interesting… and did their thing… The good news is that since the big day all those 3 weeks ago they are still together!! Chelle did not get bored of Tim on the honeymoon result!!

So the next question is… Whens the next wedding, waht role can I play and what suit can I look fabulous in?? One final thing… Tim and Chelle… Made for each other… Nuff said.


~ by rugarvey on October 5, 2010.

One Response to “Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong”

  1. if i ever get married you can look fab then 🙂 bearing in mind its likely to be in a field unless andy goes on don’t tell the bride because he wants a white wedding lol. Very role reversal indeed. I miss living with you rupey bear 😦

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